Happy Anniversary, Bear of Yosemite!

When I was three months old, my parents took me on my first trip to Yosemite NP. Although I was too young to remember, my mom has told me countless times about how a bear came to visit our tent in the middle of the night. She was struck with fear as it encircled us and how its breath rattled the tent's thin nylon walls. Eventually, the bear lost interest, but that memory seems to be engraved in my mom's mind forever. 

Despite this chilling first encounter, I have since returned to Yosemite many times. It is has become a seemingly holy place that I make pilgrimage to on an annual basis. It's sheer granite walls and massive waterfalls always leave me breathless.

One year ago, I came up with an illustration called Bear of Yosemite, a simple image of Half Dome embedded within a bear. The illustration represents that story of when I was only 3 months old; however, it seems to mean a lot to many of you. Over the past year, it continues to be my best selling print and tee. I cannot thank you all enough. 

To celebrate it's one year anniversary, I'm $2 off every Bear of Yosemite Shirt. And, I have created a Limited Release - Blue Bear of Yosemite. Check them out!